ASICS Gel-Kayano 19 Review Men’s Running Shoe Review

Asics Gel Kayano 19 Review-Presently right around two decades into creation, Asics dispatches a recently changed Gel Kayano 19 with a reconsidered upper, new midfoot shank, and some outsole changes underneath.

Since its origin, the Gel Kayano arrangement has been an excellent element shoe focused on the sprinter whose foot displays a moderate to an elevated level of curve adaptability and additionally pronation.

Pronation is the ordinarily happening movement in the foot that takes into account stun retention to occur in the human foot.

Anyway, a few sprinters view that their feet do as too great work at this and can prompt overemphasize on parts of the foot or lower leg.

Prior GEL Kayano releases filled this need well yet as Asics has tinkered with the arrangement it appears to have gotten consistently less active for the foot that necessities additional assistance in the security division.


Asics Gel Kayano 19 First Impression:


A year ago, I cherished the extravagance feel and stealthy look of the Gel Kayano 18 however when it came to helping, the Gel Kayano 18 remaining me cold. In any case, I held out expectation as Asics set their most up-to-date midfoot shank in the Gel Kayano 19 similarly as they did in the superb GT 2000 and GT 2000 GTX.

The fit and feel of Gel Kayano 19 are as yet sumptuous. It is an agreeable shoe to slip into. The vibe of the current year’s GEL Kayano 19 is a finished 180 from a year ago.

Asics chose to flavor it up with a confounding exhibit of shading for this version. A silver and dark work is surrounded by reflexive cobalt blue overlays and arranged on a “paint sprinkled” padded sole with multicolor GEL squares sandwiched in the middle of, Oh, and the outsole gets a splendid yellow and red treatment as well!

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Asics Gel Kayano 19 First Impression

 Asics Gel Kayano 19 Sole Unit: 

Asics constructs the GEL Kayano 19 around the new Dynamic Duomax average post framework. This is another interpretation of the past Duomax froth and guarantees a gentler degree of remedy for the overpronating foot. The remainder of the padded sole is included Asics premium SoLyte padded sole froth and accommodates a padded yet not very delicate street feel.

Along the side, The GEL Kayano 19 presentations three GEL cases in the forefoot and a bigger single unit in the impact point. There likewise is by all accounts more SoLyte froth underneath the back foot GEL unit than previously. The genuine superstar here is the new midfoot shank that Asics is utilizing. It is an improved structure contrasted with the past Space Trusstic shank in the Gel Kayano 18. It likewise flares more into the curve and serves to include a proportion of torsional steadiness to the shoe.

The outsole design holds the Guidance Line channel that steers the foot and takes into account extra padded sole adaptability. The outsole track design has somewhat more extensive flex grooves and an increasingly forceful cross brought forth track design. The impact point still highlights AHAR+(Asics High Abrasion Resistant) carbon elastic, and the forefoot utilizes a gentler-blown elastic.

Asics Gel Kayano 19 Upper Unit: 

Asics spares its best quality development materials for the Gel Kayano 19. Various cobalt blue overlays race over the upper of the Gel Kayano 19 and gives an adjustable fit that will probably work for different distinctive foot shapes.

The Asics tiger stripe logo includes support and fixes the eyelet push immovably to the padded sole. Oddly, Asics has erased the forefoot Biomorphic Fit board and supplanted it with work. In any case, the average curve territory still uses the Biomorphic Fit material, which should move along these lines to human skin.

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The forefoot flex point currently includes a welded overlay that ventures into the eyelet push instead of a customarily sewed structure with an end goal to expel a potential aggravation point. Every one of the overlays unites at the heel, which again includes an external heel counter.

The impact point counter is a truly flexible, lightweight plastic and does little to help control any back foot pronation. The tongue is of medium thickness and makes an excellent showing shielding the foot from the trim weight. Inside, the Gel Kayano 19 again sports Asics PHF(Personalized Heel Fit) adjustable foam and is done out by a very smooth and supple heel neckline lining.

Asics additionally incorporates a thick removable Ortholite froth sock liner as standard gear.

Asics Gel Kayano 19 Opinion:

Much the same as a year ago, I genuinely like the vibe of the Gel Kayano 19 upper be that as it may, once more, I feel like this shoe truly needs to be a neutral shoe.

Here the accentuation has kept on moving to less redress for the foot. Indeed, even the limitlessly improved midfoot shank Asics is currently utilizing couldn’t support this shoe is enough for my foot. I’m 6 feet tall, and 160 pounds, and I had this shoe tilting medially in the concise request. You can even perceive the amount I twisted the pump in the photographs. My feet are genuinely adaptable, and the Gel Kayano 19 was not capable.

I think the issue is triple: the very adaptable impact point counter is futile, the curve is low in the shoe, and the sidelong impact point is so developed and unbending that it caused my foot to pronate more!

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I do like the plan tasteful and glorious feel of the upper materials, however. The Gel Kayano 19 resembles running in an expensive shoe. The shoe moves like a game extravagance vehicle. The ride is protected; however, it holds a level of smartness, and a modest quantity of street feel without giving up padding. The main thing I feared about the GEL Kayano 19 ride was the meddling sidelong impact point that consistently dumped my foot into further and additional measures of overpronation.

The fit is medium in the impact point and midfoot and opens pleasantly in the toe box. The heel would presumably fit better with a customary heel counter structure however the fit still wasn’t horrendous, only the help. Like each Asics shoe, I have tried the GEL Kayano 19 has an upper that holds an over-the-top measure of warmth. This is likely because of the high standard of overlays present in the Asics plan parameters.

By chance, I was intrigued this new GEL Kayano 19 comes in with a weight decrease regardless of the various overlays present. At any rate, I can’t prescribe the GEL Kayano 19 to any sprinter who needs moderate to most enormous help from their footwear.

In any case, this shoe is likely proper for a mellow overpronator and even some nonpartisan sprinters who like a conspicuous, high element shoe that will deal with day by day preparing with pizazz.

We thank the decent individuals at Asics for sending us a couple of Gel Kayano 19 to test. This didn’t impact the result of the survey, composed in the wake of running more than 50 miles in them.


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